We work with you in creating an eStore to match the look and feel of your website, incorporating your logo and colors.


With Cause Genesis, every eStore on the platform comes with pre-loaded, high quality and unique products from selected suppliers.

We have relationships with hundreds of vendors providing thousands of products for direct delivery to the end user. You can modify the assortment by adding product or by deleting existing categories if you wish.


Long-term relationships have been developed with vendors that specialize in drop-shipping orders directly to customers in the name of individual retailers.

  • Every purchase generates a donation averaging between 12-15% of the purchase price. That donation is made in the donors’ name and deposited directly into your organizations bank account every month.
  • Cause Genesis handles every aspect of the transaction freeing organizations of administrative responsibility for any normal eCommerce functions, including hosting the site, IT support, product management, order processing, sales tax issues, payment to vendors, or the operation of a merchant account.

In summary, our solution provides a new revenue stream to charities without the cost and expertise required to launch or maintain such a program. It provides quality products to the donor while simultaneously generating a retail donation to the charity, creating a win-win for both donor and the organization.