It’s a challenge keeping your organization top-of-mind and providing meaningful donor content on a regular basis. When it comes to your estore, we take ownership of that responsibility.  Your donors get a well-planned schedule of email updates designed to remind and encourage folks to shop and buy.

Each month Cause Genesis sends out two emails with timely, interesting articles and product introductions that remind donors to support the organization they care about buying and shopping for themselves.


We make sure every donor wants to be contacted. Before the campaign begins we send an introductory email explaining the new program. At that time the donor has the option to opt out or accept. If they opt-in but want to opt out later there is an “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of each email we send.

Our email campaigns are designed to keep donors connected with your organization. We encourage you to give us articles and updates about your organization that we can add to donor emails.

We also want donors to know that their purchases are making a difference. Every item on the store indicates how much of the purchase will be donated.  An email also goes out to the donor summarizing the size of the donation for the total purchases made.

From time to time we will update all donors about dollars generated from store purchases and, with your help, how those dollars are making a difference for your organization.